Bushido Challenge : NC State Championship Warm-up

When: Saturday, Aug 20th 2022

Where: Triangle Jiu Jitsu Academy

On-Site Registration: 9am (sharp)- 10am

Registration Deadline: Aug 18, 2022

Registration Fees:

- $30 for 1st Division

- $15 For 2nd Division

(2 Division Limit)


- Adults

- Experienced

- Novice

Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

Tournament Director:

Sensei Darian Stokes

(336) 270-0538


Division Details

Juniors Divisions

  • Juniors will be broken down into light, medium, and heavy weight divisions (and super-light and super-heavy if necessary) based on the weight spread within their two-year age bracket in accordance with a 10% maximum weight differential where possible.
  • Juniors will additionally be grouped by the standard two-year age groups (i.e. 5 & 6, 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, and 15 & 16).
  • If necessary, boys and girls will be paired together if they are aged 10 and under.
  • Juniors can compete in a second division by choosing “Next Weight, Same Age” or “Next Age, Same Weight” for their second division. “Next Age” in this context means the next higher two-year age group.

Seniors/Masters Divisions

  • The weight classes for seniors will be the standard kilogram weight classes. However, there will be Novice (Below Sankyu) and Elite (Above Yonkyu) divisions offered in each kilogram weight class for seniors.
  • Masters will be grouped solely by the standard kilogram weights. If possible, masters will be divided in the age brackets of 35 – 49 and 50 and over. However, past experience has proven this not to be likely. Masters for this tournament must be aged 35 or older.

Additional Details


  • ON-SITE REGISTRATION – Everyone who wishes to compete will be required to register online or in person from 9am-10am and pay the appropriate entry fees. Please register online at: https://forms.gle/9DfQeKHtdTHSdsVHA
  • Registration deadline is Wednesday, Aug 18, 2022


  • Everyone in the competition, including juniors, must declare their current weight. It is very important that ACCURATE weights be given when registering to ensure that divisions and matches are correctly assigned and last-minute changes are kept to a minimum.
  • All senior competitors must declare and make their weight categories of competition at the official weigh-in.
  • A 1kg (2.2lbs.) allowance will be given to account for differences in weight  scale calibration. 
  • Any competitor weighing over 1kg above his/her declared weight category will be moved on-the-spot to a higher weight division. If the player is already registered in the higher weight division, then he/she can choose to play in the next highest weight division or receive a refund for the second division.

Scheduling, Brackets and Changes

  • Event registration information will be posted to: https://bushidojudoschool.com/bushido-challenge/ and will be updated regularly up until 5 days before the tournament start.  
    • This information will include a list of competitors for each division. This gives competitors a chance to decide if they want to change their divisional choice or add an additional division.
  • ADD/CHANGE A DIVISION – Up to 3 days prior to the tournament, competitors are allowed to change their current division selection or to add an additional division (up to a max of 2 divisions). This allows competitors to adjust their choices based on current weight or competition opportunities.
    • Once registered for a division, it cannot be deleted.
  • Initial competition brackets will be posted on-line at : https://bushidojudoschool.com/bushido-challenge/ 5 days before the tournament.
    • Competitors, or their parents or coaches, will be given 2 days to verify the bracket(s)
    • If an error is discovered, notify the event Tournament Director by email at challenge@busidojudoschool.com or by calling (336) 270-0538
    • Official finalized tentative brackets will be posted 2 days prior to the tournament
    • Any bracket may be re-drawn on the day of the tournament to adjust for weight changes discovered at weigh-in.
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