"If there is effort, there is always accomplishment."

Kano Jigoro (Founder of Judo)

  • Use the menu at the bottom of this page to choose your belt test.
    • Left column contains downloadable practice tests.  These are to study and aren't used for official results.
    • Right column contains online belt tests. These are graded and used for official results.
  • All tests are timed. The amount of time is based on the number of questions and difficulty of the test. The timer is displayed above the test and will count down to show the total amount of time left.
  • When the timer reaches zero your test will be over.  If you have completed the test before the timer reaches zero your results will be emailed to Sensei.
  • Choose your answer.
    • If it is correct, it will turn green.
    • If incorrect, it will turn red, and the correct answer will show in green.
  • You cannot change your answer once chosen so choose carefully.
  • To move to next question, click the arrow.

Example of Test Screen

You've studied. 

You've prepared.

Now is the time to show what you've learned!

Now... HAJIME!

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