Arts Information

You've seen our site. You are familiar with our Senseis. So, the question is, which art is for you? Below are links to information on the arts we offer.

Judo is many things to different people. It is a fun sport, an art, a discipline, a recreational or social activity, a fitness program, a means of self-defense or combat,…
At Bushido, we understand the growing demand for MMA training. MMA has produced some very talented fighters and will continue to be one of the most prefered method of training…
Wing Chun Kung Fu is a style of Kung Fu based on simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Its movements are not flashy nor do they require great athleticism.   Wing Chun is…
Kenkojuku Karate-do is the style of Tomasaburo Okano, a student of Gichin Funakoshi and his son, Yoshitaka (the “young master” who was credited with making many changes to his father’s…
Women's Self Defense is led by Sensei Chip Slade. For more information Click Here.


  • "In an age where commercialism seems to rule in the Martial Arts space and the true values of the Martial Arts are getting blurred Bushido Judo School holds true to the age old traditions of Honor, Respect and Discipline."

    -Andres Andreu
  • "Bushido Judo School has changed my life not only as a competitive athletes point of view but as an overall person. I have come to understand my self and gain much knowledge on how to control myself. Bushido's instructors are very caring and not only willing to help with judo but in all aspects of everyday life. Bushido isn't just a school it becomes your family."

    -Chris Elias
  • There's a few good places in Raleigh for martial arts, but I travel 40 mins to Bushido in Durham, because they're a competitive Judo club with the perfect balance of play-rough practice and fun-loving attitude.

    -Matt D'Avanzo
  • For the past two years, my six year old son had been asking to take martial arts classes. Being new to the area, we began visiting different dojos. A friend recommended that we visit Bushido. From the moment I met Sensei Stokes I was impressed with his interactions with the children in the class. My son joined, and a week later, I joined as well. The instructors and fellow students are exceptionally helpful. My son and I both enjoy the classes immensely, and my younger daughter now wants to join us.

    -Joe Zakszewski