Sha-la Edwards

Sha-la Edwards

The walk of the Gentle way is not always a easy path . This i have learned in judo and seen first hand in my every day life. I have the honor to say that i have served my country at its time of need. My journeys as a young man have taken me through many different avenues and side walks. I joined the army march 19th 2001 the day before we invaded Iraq. It was my first understanding that there will be things that take place in life that are not in our control, but we must tend to our priority's . My time in Iraq was more than a mouth full of reality it was a whole plate. I have seen the beauty of the desert , and in the same glance ; the cold reflection of the effects of war. My thoughts of my time in Iraq is that there is calm in the mist of a storm , you just have to weather the storm . I was in a convoy that was hit by an IED however i was unharmed , and no one in my company of a 120 soldiers were seriously hurt. I spent my first three months working , at the entry control point , for the Base camp in Mosule Iraq north of Baghdad. My task was important to the lives of everyone on the base . I found contraband and illegal weapons that could be used against us. Every moment was a moment spent being watchful and suspicious of every one and every thing. We were over worked and under staffed , so for the first 3 months there were no days off. But we were relived and another company took over . Then i was sent to guard a prison , which was , just as intense , and at the same time exciting . All in all I would go back tomorrow if need be. I enjoyed the sense of purpose and the chance to see how and why we are the Greatest Nation on the earth. I have a book shelf full of awards and a uniform full of medals. But even better i have a life time full of memories. Nothing could ever compare to the feeling of the respect that my friends and family have for me after i came back . At 23 I am a vet and a humble but proud one too. The Gentle way.


  • "In an age where commercialism seems to rule in the Martial Arts space and the true values of the Martial Arts are getting blurred Bushido Judo School holds true to the age old traditions of Honor, Respect and Discipline."

    -Andres Andreu
  • "Bushido Judo School has changed my life not only as a competitive athletes point of view but as an overall person. I have come to understand my self and gain much knowledge on how to control myself. Bushido's instructors are very caring and not only willing to help with judo but in all aspects of everyday life. Bushido isn't just a school it becomes your family."

    -Chris Elias
  • There's a few good places in Raleigh for martial arts, but I travel 40 mins to Bushido in Durham, because they're a competitive Judo club with the perfect balance of play-rough practice and fun-loving attitude.

    -Matt D'Avanzo
  • For the past two years, my six year old son had been asking to take martial arts classes. Being new to the area, we began visiting different dojos. A friend recommended that we visit Bushido. From the moment I met Sensei Stokes I was impressed with his interactions with the children in the class. My son joined, and a week later, I joined as well. The instructors and fellow students are exceptionally helpful. My son and I both enjoy the classes immensely, and my younger daughter now wants to join us.

    -Joe Zakszewski